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The 4th International Conference & Exhibition for Nanotechnology

CECO(Changwon Exhibition Convention Center)

The 4rd International Conference & Exhibition for Nanopia (NANOPIA 2017) will be held at CECO, based on world class operation system and state of the art facilities. CECO is an one-stop convention service provider with the Gyeongnam region's superior industrial infrastructure, rich cultural and natural resources.

Address 362(Daewon-dong), Wonidaero Uichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongnam, S. Korea
Website http://ceco.co.kr
Tel. +82-55-212-1000
Fax. +82-55-212-1200
Distance - 10 minutes away from/to Changwon train station by taxi
- 40 minutes away from/to Gimhae Airport by bus