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The 4th International Conference & Exhibition for Nanotechnology

Plenary Speaker

Time 2017-11-09 14:00~14:40 Place Convention Hall 2+3
Code No. PL-O01 Session Chair
Name President Jeongsoo Lee
Affiliation LG Electronics
TitleFuture Nanotechnologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era
The 4th industrial revolution era is opening upon us via the imminent rise of hyper-connectivity, autonomous mobility, artificial intelligence, smart robotics, as well as resulting from major breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnologies. However, the era of uncertainty due to dramatic change in global economy and ever-increasing amount of knowledge in various industry sectors drives the participants into unprecedented circumstances. As a leading electronics company serving consumer electronics sectors we have focused on inorganic and semiconductor materials based on CMOS/MEMS fabrication and thin film processing technologies. However, to meet the requirements for the unprecedented era we are to drive nanotechnology-based innovation by engaging more into the new areas including, but not limited to, organic and hybrid materials based on printing/self-assembly processing technologies and also by adopting bio-inspired approaches and insights. Furthermore, materials design process should be advanced more efficiently to reduce overall process time and also to search innovative new molecules by utilizing next generation computational methods and fully integrated machine learning approaches based on massive materials database. In this talk future nanotechnologies will be introduced and discussed for potential discovery of new research and business development opportunities.